Fish Roasted Wrapped in Banana Leaf | Indonesia Recipe

Every good and perfect gift comes from above (John 1:17) Oven grilled fish The fish is marinated With Indonesian spices And it is wrapped in banana leaves And baked in the oven Smells delicious spices, The fish is tender Very and of course very healthy to consume. Find out how to make it! Welcome to Una’s kitchen fresh fish 500 g lemon 3 pieces Soak the fish with lemon juice Salt and 3 teaspoons of Mix even and leave 30 minutes To prepare spices 40 grams garlic 20 grams Saffron 25 10 grams ginger Grams of Red pepper 3 pcs Cayenne pepper 25 grams Lemon grass 2 Puree / blender Spices cooking oil Fried 5 tablespoons of fried Mashed spices Fry it until it smells good, Add 50 ml of water, My heart until the water drops, Add 5 pieces of lemon leaves 30g chopped shallots, heart Until everything blends.

Smells good Salt, 1/2, tsp, Taste, less salty, add salt or seasoning. It is prepared to be wrapped with fish Wrapped in fish with spices in banana leaves 2 tablespoons of spice on the bottom of the fish. Laying fish 2 tablespoons of spices on Header for rolling basil leaves with leaves the banana 2 tablespoons of spice on the bottom. The fish is in the middle 2 tablespoons on top Basil leaves Wrapped in banana leaves Ready to bake in the oven For 30 minutes at 18 o’clock, Ready To be presented With warm rice Or sweet potato Very delicious. Thank you. Good luck.

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