Seafood Grill Jimbaran with three kind of chilli sauce

Rub them with a lot of seasoning so you can really get that flavor. Look. The oil has separated from the shallots, etc. Hello! Welcome back to my channel, Devina Hermawan.

Today, we’ll be making Grilled seafood a la jimbaran. If you miss eating seafood on the seaside at jimbaran, let’s make it at home! Of course, this version is a far easier. Aside from the seafood and the seasoning, we’ll also make all of the Sambal varieties. Here are the ingredients.

The most important thing that makes this dish tastes great is the seasoning. I’ve shared the recipe for jimbaran seasoning about a year ago on WillGoz’s channel. Maybe you’ve seen the video. This one is similar to that one. I made that version with pineapple, unlike this one.

We need onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, shrimp paste, oyster s...

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